McGrath Nurseries Ltd is the master licensee for Plumac c.v. and brand manager for KORU® Brand. It has provided the dominant role in development and commercialization of Plumac c.v. apple and KORU® as a worldwide brand. This project has encompassed all aspects including:

  • Undertaking many years of thorough independent scientific testing,
  • Organizing a group of testers and growers throughout New Zealand,
  • Worldwide PVR and Trademark protection,
  • Consumer testing worldwide,
  • Organizing a marketing team to develop the KORU® Plumac c.v. apple to its fullest potential, and
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting to growers and owners
  • Royalty collection and remittance from growers and marketers to the owners.
  • Selection of growers and marketers worldwide including development and formation of Coast to Coast Cooperative in the USA for growing and marketing in the USA.